Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Kidless Weekend

Ok, it has been way to long, and I was informed of that today by a sweet precious friend of mine. So here I am to describe our three days and nights away from our kids. Michael had a company meeting/party in Dallas this past Thursday. Memaw and papa came down to be with the kids...I don't think they were prepared for how needy they are. That was the longest they have been with them, and let's just say they were ready to go home. lol! Anyways, back to our mini vacation. It was incredible. Michael had a meeting most of the day on Friday so I slept in untiil 9, ordered room service for breakfast, showered, slept for a couple of more hours, painted my nails, and slept until Michael got back at 4. I didn't know what to do with myself...I think my body was catching up from sleep since Jo was born!! We ate some amazing food, rode gocarts, hung out with some good Christian friends, and enjoyed one another!! By Saturday night, we were missing the kiddos alot! I called Makayla to tell her I missed her, and I realized that I have never spoke to her on the phone before! She has such a cute little voice. I love being there mommy! Monday was a day of meltdowns...let's just say the kids pretty much got their way the whole time we were gone! But I guess that is what being a grandparent is all about...I guess I will find that out later in life. Wow, we are going to be grandparents some day! Life is good.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Reminder

The other day I'm cleaning out my nightstand, and I come across a prophetic word that we received right after Michael accepted his new job. We were leaving church and a lady approached us giving us this word. Anytime I ever get a word it is ALWAYS the same. It pretty much says that I need to continue to seek Him at a deeper level because I have a bunch of emotional and physical junk that needs healing. Maybe I will start to heal up some of that stuff this year...I would sure like to receive a different word someday. lol! The part of the word that really touched my heart was this: " You are going through a tough time right now. It is a struggle, and the Lord wants you to continue to be patient through this huge transition." WOW! At the time we received this, it didn't really make since because everything was going great. Michael got offered more than we asked for, the house sold in 4 days, and everything was so easy. We weren't struggling at all. But now it all makes sense...the Lord was speaking of what is to come and He was so sweet as to prepare us for it. But it didn't sink in until I found that word and read it six months later. I can't explain what a comfort it is to know that the Lord sees us and He knew that this was going to be hard. However, He is still here. He has never left us, and no matter what the future holds for us in Lubbock, He is constant. I have realized that it is so easy to let your mind and heart get all foggy, and you can't see anything but the struggle. But the fog always lifts. It may take awhile, but it will leave. And we will continue on and be a happy strong family that is blessed.
Thank you to my two sweet friends that let me vent, and then spoke to me with such love and encouragement. Thank you for loving me for me.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well, my baby boy is 1, and Jo is 3! I can't believe a year has gone by since Gage was born, and knowing that he is my last baby has made it even more sentimental. Their party was so much fun..we had several different parties. Jo stuck her face in her cake, and Gage stuck one little finger in the frosting and spread it all over his face. It was adorable! We went to chucke cheese today and had a blast. Makayla got lots of princess stuff for her birthday and she LOVES it! She has been taking naps in her dress, and NEVER wants to take it off. Gage got an awesome truck that makes noise, moves, and lights up. He squealed and started clapping his hands when he opened it! He is all boy! Anyways, I love my kids, and I love celebrating their birthdays. After being told i would never have children, celebrating their birthdays is like a reminder that God healed me and blessed me with two beautiful children! As I look around and see toys cluttering the floor, I smile. Wow, I have kids. I have been given the opportunity to care for them, and be their mommy. At times when I am worn out from the constant cleaning, feeding, laundry, and discipline that takes place everyday, I stop and think....the world said I would never, but the Lord said I will double it. Here is a sweet baby girl and a precious baby boy....I am blessed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Breakthrough?

Hey everyone! Well, it has been awhile, and i have officially got all of the house painted! (except the living room...michael won't let me, but I'm working on it!) So I sat on the couch last weekend and realized that I haven't just zoned out and relaxed in two months!! I even took a nap! It was soooo amazing. The house is coming along. We haven't gotten the kitchen and utility room tiled and are starting on the bathrooms next. We also got the new countertops on....NO MORE GREEN!!! (well, except the carpet but not much longer) It is really started to feel like home now. We all went out of town last weekend and I found myself being excited about coming home to Lubbock...that's right, I called Lubbock "home." I am quickly realizing that my "home" is my family. Whenever we are all together, that is when my heart is at peace and happy. I love my family. They are so amazing. Ok, back to my title....this weekend we get up on sunday and totally don't feel like going to church. You know the usual, "I don't have anything to wear? I'm tired. The kids are cranky. We don't have enough time to get ready." The list goes on and on. But somehow we battled the urge to skip and arrived Church on the Rock. We have gone there once before and really liked it. Everyone is very sweet and welcoming. All week long I had been talking to Makayla about going into her class like a big girl. She did great!! She cried a little but she didn't throw herself on the floor. This was a HUGE deal. The service was amazing. This church is filled with the holy spirit and we feel very comfortable there. The nursery workers were very understanding towards Jo and when we picked her up, she was so happy! This was a first! And then today at school, she went in without crying too! She says she likes her new church and wants to go back. Thank you Lord! Just when you think you can't keep going, Jesus does something amazing. Isn't He sweet?